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5.0 stars | 52 reviews
Residential Solar Services
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Powering Your Bay Area Home with Solar Energy

Welcome to HCI Solar, where we bring the power of solar energy to your San Fransisco property. Our tailored solutions are designed to fit your lifestyle, providing sustainable energy savings and a cleaner environment. From custom installations that enhance your home's value to expert upgrades and reliable maintenance, we're your partner in making the switch to solar energy seamless and rewarding.

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Custom Residential Solar Solutions

HCI Solar understands that your home is unique, and so are your energy needs. Our custom solar solutions and installations are designed to maximize your home's energy efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint. Our expert technicians work closely with you to assess your home's energy usage, roof orientation, and aesthetic preferences. With meticulous attention to detail, we create a customized solar system that meets your needs and complements your home's beauty.

Home Solar Panel System Upgrades

Is your current solar panel system not performing as efficiently as it could? HCI Solar offers professional solar panel upgrades to optimize your system's performance and savings. Whether you want to increase panel efficiency, upgrade to the latest technology, or expand your current system, we have the expertise to enhance your solar investment. Our team conducts thorough assessments to identify the best upgrade options for your home, ensuring that you benefit from the latest advancements in solar technology.

Residential Solar Repairs

Maintaining your residential solar system is essential for long-term performance and savings. HCI Solar provides reliable repair services to keep your system operating at its best. Our team of experienced technicians conducts routine inspections, troubleshoots issues, and performs necessary repairs to ensure your system's efficiency and reliability. With our proactive service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your solar investment is protected and optimized for years to come.

Solar Battery Backups

Solar battery backup solutions from HCI Solar give your home energy independence and backup power. Our battery backup systems store excess solar energy generated during the day, allowing you to use it during power outages or peak demand periods. This not only provides backup power for essential appliances but also reduces your reliance on the grid, saving you money on electricity bills. Our team customizes battery backup solutions to match your home's energy needs, ensuring reliable power when you need it most.

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5.0 stars | 52 reviews
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